What language is appropriate to use on a therapist website?

07 Jul 2017

When designing your website, considering user journey, usability and navigation are all crucial parts of an effective design that will resonate with and engage your visitors. As a therapist, one of the key areas you must take into account when designing a website is the language you use to suit the audience who will visit your site. Effective language is key in ensuring your website can communicate with your visitors in an impactful way. Below we’ve highlighted some key things to consider in the language you should use on a therapy website.


The people who visit your website will often be looking for information or advice on a certain topic, which can be quite complex to explain. Try to explain things in terminology that sounds empathetic, without being patronising and that is useful and informative without being too complex. Write your copy as though you were speaking to a patient in a consultation, and use the words that come naturally in speech.

Use your expert techniques

Certain colours and patterns have been proven to help people with anxiety to relax and calm down from the intense feelings they’re having. Being able to feel calm and absorb information with an open mind, will be key to your site visitors engaging with the information you have provided. The tone of the language you use must help the reader feel as though they aren’t being judged and are not alone in experiencing the feelings they’re having.

Be clear

Throughout the different pages of your website, you need to ensure your information is clear in its format, with larger fonts for headers and smaller text for the bulk of the page. If you are linking pages, be sure that all of your click through buttons are clear and easy to spot on the page. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to search a website to get to where you need to be, and bearing in mind your visitors may already be suffering from stress, you don’t want to add to that through a poorly designed site.

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