Leveraging your website to build trust

22 Feb 2017

Certain products and services are transactional; a cup of coffee, having your car washed – the decision making process involved in these purchases is simple and emotionless. Seeking therapy is not such a process. If someone is searching for a therapist then key to their consideration will be that the organisation supplying said therapist is reputable. Beyond a list of accreditations, individuals seeking therapy will be looking for clues to the professionalism of a therapist – high on this list will be the general look and feel of the website.


Everything from the layout to the choice of colours and typography should be carefully considered to communicate a trustworthy therapy provider. Think about each of these design elements carefully in terms of how they might be interpreted by visitors coming across your service for the first time.

Landing pages

If you intend for people to come across your site via search engines, whether this be organic or via pay per click (ppc) advertising, then consider setting up landing pages for each segment of your intended audience. For example, the layout and content of a landing page targeted at a woman seeking relationship therapy will be different to a that of a landing page targeted at a man seeking psychotherapy.


Another vital element to consider is flow and usability. This is particularly true for those arriving at your website via the home page because they need to be guided to the relevant webpages that relates to their needs. For example, “Is this form of therapy right for me?”- content created to help visitors answer this question should be easily found, and then guide the visitor to a further webpage, encouraging them to take an action such as booking an appointment. A good user experience builds trust and drives conversion – in most cases this will be to book an appointment, but this could simply be to consume certain content relating to whether therapy is right for them.

Working with Health Hosts

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