Make your website experience stress-free with these pointers

28 Mar 2017

Visiting your website should be a therapeutic experience in itself. Nobody wants to find themselves stressed crawling through a therapy website – that would be counterproductive. After all, your website visitors have come to you so they can relieve their frustrations, not so you can create more.

A lot of the stress caused by business websites is down to a lack of understanding of website marketing techniques. Without an understanding of how websites work, a lot of brands fall flat at the first hurdle. This is obviously the last thing you want for your therapy website. That’s why we are on hand to make sure your website offers the most relaxing and comforting digital experience possible.

With your therapy business in mind, here are some great pointers for making your customers feel better when they arrive on your website.

The user journey should be simple

When a visitor lands on your website, they need to be able to find the information they need quickly. The last thing you want is a potential customer searching from page to page to page in order to find out about your business, your therapies, or even just a phone number. Creating a simple and clear journey will save your customers a lot of stress.

Your website should be adaptive

This is a pet hate for many website visitors. With more users using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones for website visits, it is vital that your website design is mobile-friendly. This means that when your website is viewed on a mobile platform, it adapts the design and content accordingly. This makes content easily accessible no matter what device is being used.

Your content should be engaging

You want your potential clients to understand your brand, right? Then there’s nothing more important than engaging content. Consider what you are putting on your website and whether it is clear. Also, think about the tone of voice you’re using and whether your brand sounds compelling. Boring content is stressful content, and your clients don’t want that.

If you’d like more advice or support on getting your therapy website up and running, speak to our team at Health Hosts today for more information.

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