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04 Jun 2018
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Great news, your customers want your products and therapy services. But what they really buy into is people – reliable, professional, trustworthy and competent people, who deliver a great service. Don’t just talk about what you do, share a little about you and your team.

Personal welcome

It is important to be clear about the therapy services that you offer. But it’s just as important to show who is offering those services. Of many websites offering similar services, the ones which place a real and genuine therapist front and centre will always win out. Why? We all want a bond of trust with our therapist, and you should do all you can to present this upfront. Photos of you and your team really do make a difference. Add some colour and personality – names, experience, interests – and the warmth, and attractiveness of your site will grow.

Tone – lose the jargon

Remember, you’re the expert in your field. That’s why you’re the one running the business. Your customers are turning to you for your therapist expertise. They want to be reassured that you’re the expert and that they’re in safe hands. But they don’t need you to demonstrate this with technical jargon that might scare them off before you’ve even said hello. Taking to your customers using the kinds of language they would use is key to getting them onboard.

Be concise

In short, keep it short. Short punchy sentences are easier to read. They’ll be more memorable too. Important stuff when you need to attract the attention of potential customers fast. Remember, your competitors are only a click away. Let’s keep your customers on your website.

Read it aloud

Sounds a little bit silly, doesn’t it. But this simple test really works. It will help you to spot those sentences that are way too long, and a little impersonal, yet made sense when you wrote them. These are the sentences where you’re struggling to breathe as you finish the line! Think: if it’s an effort for you to read your own words, then it will be even more difficult for your customers. And they’re unlikely to give you a second chance.

We know the simple sounding stuff can sometimes be the hardest to get right. Let us help. Call or email today for a chat on how we can make you the centre of your website with straightforward website design.

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