Are you making any of these basic website errors?

09 Dec 2016

The art of website design is far more important than just creating something nice to look at. While visuals are important, the key aspect that makes for a good website is functionality; does it do what it needs to do, is it simple to navigate, and will it encourage visitors to return?

With that in mind, it may be worth revisiting your website to see if it is falling foul of any of these common design flaws. If it is, then perhaps now is the time to commit to an overhaul.

1. Text size

If the text on your website is too small then people will have difficulty reading what you have to say, and if it is too large then the whole site is likely to appear amateurish. Find a happy medium – one that works equally well on mobiles, tablets and laptops – and then use it consistently throughout your site. Your website should reflect your aims as a therapist; namely, to put your audience at ease, to ensure they are comfortable, and to give them confidence that you are an authority that can be relied upon.

2. Blinding the user with content

If there’s one thing that’s worse than having too little content, then it’s having too much. Quality is, after all, far better than excessive quantity. Ensure that every word, image, infographic and video on your site is necessary; if it is not performing a specific role, or is repeating information that can be found elsewhere on the site, then cull it. In parallel with your role as a therapist, you want always to ensure you get to the very crux of the issue; use language that is simple, effective and honest.

3. Failing to incorporate a blog

Yet again, the first thing you must keep in mind is that quality is king. By utilising a blog, and by posting content that is well written, updated with regularity and that tells the reader something they will find interesting, you will not only give visitors additional value, but you will boost your SEO rankings and fly up to the top of Google’s search results. Similarly, a blog gives you the chance to wax lyrical about the therapy industry in general, your own practices and what people can expect from the experience. Contemplating therapy can be daunting, so giving potential clients peace of mind is important.

It should go without saying that building a superior website needs to be a key priority for any business. A website is, after all, a window to your organisation; if it oozes quality then that will do nothing but enhance your company’s reputation. However, should it look naff, then people will quickly take their interest elsewhere.

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