Making Facebook work for you

12 Jun 2016

Everyone has a presence on Facebook nowadays. Whether you’re a business or a consumer, a franchise or a friend, having a spot on the world’s biggest social media network is seen as virtually mandatory in the 21st century. Nowhere is that more true than for small to medium-sized companies.

Much of this comes down to the need to take advantage of free publicity, reach out to predominantly younger audiences and interact with customers on a more direct level whenever they’re not in your presence. Yet it’s not enough to merely use Facebook – you have to make it work for your interests too. Here are a few ways a small business owner can do just that.

1. Personal voice

Humans are sociable creatures, even when inhabiting the digital world, and as such like to be spoken to in the same way they would expect to be dealt with in person.

This could mean being highly professional or highly informal, depending on the nature of your business. But what transcends all styles is the need to inject some personality into your posts, to come across as an ordinary person rather than a public relations manager or a robot.

2. Useful content

It sounds like common sense, but so many social media administrators forget to ensure that the content they send is actually useful to their followers. They may fall into traps such as posting whatever might go viral regardless of its appropriateness; overflowing peoples’ feeds with all manner of information, much of which isn’t relevant to them; and posting links without any explanatory content alongside them.

Before clicking ‘post’ on your laptop, double-check the content you’re sending and ask yourself: would my audience want or need to know this?

3. Encourage engagement

The number of news feeds your posts will get propelled into is affected by a complicated series of factors that underpin Facebook’s algorithm. But one thing that we know does have a major impact is the amount of engagement they get, for instance from likes, comments, shares and clicks on links.

As such, aim to post content that you believe will provoke “engagement” from your followers, for instance a question asking for feedback on your latest product which would likely incite many to comment below.

Its also good to connect your facebook page up with your website, this will be good for SEO and also if your active on facebook it can make your website more alive. You can put a good social feed on your website there are many free plugins to enable this such as the Custom Facebook Feed or if you want something more advanced that will stream all your social accounts see our social feed feature

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