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Membership Integration

Our smart membership system can be seamlessly integrated into your website, matching your theme and style to provide your clients with an unbeatable experience.

£250 / setup
£20 / month

All prices exclude VAT at 20%


Are you ready to add membership to your therapy website?

Our membership system is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to add a subscription service and for you to allow private access to your users who subscribe and join your membership site. By giving you the power to control access to content on your website, send out automatic emails, and take payments for your services, we’re confident that this service will improve the experience your users have.

Secure Payment Gateway

PayPal and Stripe are recognised around the world, and this is why we use them for our membership payment gateway. Just choose the payment solution you want to use, and that will give you everything you need to take secure payments on your website.

Specific Access Rules

Our system gives you complete control over what your clients and users see. You can restrict pages, posts, categories, and even individual files. This enables you to provide content to users on an automated basis, as long as they have the right membership.

Ultra Stable & Secure

Online security has never been more important, and we understand that you can’t afford to have your membership system go down. This is why we’ve built this service to be as secure and stable as possible, ensuring that you never have to stop your hard work.


Powerful Subscription Management

Our membership system provides you with everything you need to manage subscriptions with ease. Payments are taken automatically, and users have full-control over the membership level they’re paying for. No more chasing invoices. No more manual changes. Our membership system will handle it all for you.

Login/User Accounts

Providing user logins will make your business look more professional. Our user portal offers everything your users need; from a login page to a full-blown backend portal which enables them to manage every aspect of their account.


Our membership system makes it possible to send out emails in bulk, to individuals, or on an automatic basis. You can choose a wide range of scenarios for this, from letting users know that they’ve signed up to reporting failed payments to them.

Member Management

Managing your users has never been easier. Each member is created on the WordPress backend, but you maintain control over what they’re able to see and use on your website, while also having the power to remove users at any time.


Reports and analytics can provide you with a lot of information about your business. Our smart system will collect this information for you, providing it in the form of easy to understand graphs and charts.

Scheduled Content

You don’t have to be around to publish your content, as our smart membership system will do it all for you. This makes it easy to have your posts, images, and other content reach your members at exactly the right time.


Our membership system can generate single use and wide scale coupon codes for you to pass to your customers. This is great for running promotions and getting people on board when they are unsure about paying full price.

Beautiful Pricing Tables

Displaying your pricing options in the right format can make a huge difference when it comes to making sales. Our pricing tables have been designed to look great, work well, and push people towards making the right decision.

Add Membership to Your Website

If you would like us to setup a membership system within your website please contact us