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New Spam Filter

SpamExperts_LogosAs of today we have introduced a new spam filter into our network for incoming/outgoing mail, this is replacing the previous one. The reason we have changed is primarily because the old system did not allow you to check your spam quarantine in real time whenever you liked. The new system allows this.

The new spam/virus filtering service is a hosted cloud solution that’s provided by Spam Experts and the filtering should also be a lot better than what we had previously.

Login and check your spam quarantine anytime

You can now login and check your spam quarantine anytime you like, however there really should not be any need as Spam Experts pride themselves on “99.98% filtering accuracy with close to zero false positives”. You can also enable/disable the option to get daily or weekly spam quarantine reports if you wish to receive them, this is disabled by default unless you requested the reports to continue in response to the email we sent last week.

To login to your quarantine area you will first need to retrieve a login link which will also enable you to setup a password so you can access the quarantine any time.

You can login here:

On your first visit you need to click the “Retrieve Log-in Link” button and enter your email address. You will then be sent an email with a temporary link which you will need to click to set your password.

Once logged in if you would like to setup your quarantine report to be sent to you by email click the “Periodic User Report” option.