Why you should offer live chat on a therapy website

19 Dec 2017
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The way that people use the internet is constantly evolving. People have higher expectations when they arrive on a website than they did even a few years ago. They expect to find answers to their questions quickly and if you aren’t able to provide them then they’ll quickly head off to one of your competitors.

One way to avoid this issue is to introduce a live chat system. This will allow visitors to ask any questions that aren’t already answered in your FAQs section or elsewhere on your website. Live chat tends to work particularly well on therapy websites as customers are keen to begin talking to a real person at the first opportunity.

Making the process simple

Once you’ve chosen a live chat system and set it up, there are a few steps that you can take to make things easier for yourself and your potential customers. Many systems make it possible for you to write a number of ‘canned’ responses that you can quickly send out in response to your most common questions. Some advanced systems can even do this automatically. This means that you can deal with a live chat query in a few seconds and then get back to your day.

Ideally, you’ll have an experienced person on hand wherever possible to handle particular queries about your therapy services. Customers will have detailed questions and in the case of therapy, they’re often keen to get feedback from a practitioner as quickly as possible.

Many systems also have apps that will allow you to respond quickly to questions when you’re on the go. Again, this means that it’s possible to set up a live chat system that will help your customers without needing to tether yourself to a desk all day.

What happens when you’re not there?

Most modern systems will allow users to leave you a message if you’re not online. Generally, you’ll be able to respond to them by email or text message. These systems also give users the opportunity to sign up to your newsletter or leave a few more details about themselves alongside their question, making it easier for you to qualify and market to your leads.

If you need a little help implementing a live chat system on your website, get in touch with the team at Health Hosts. We’d be happy to help.

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