Outlook issue sending email after upgrading to Windows 10

09 Aug 2015

We have noticed that some are experiencing issues sending email from Outlook after upgrading to Windows 10. The error message that we have seen is this: ‘error 0x800CCC13 ‘Cannot connect to the Network. Verify your network connection or modem.’

After a little research it seems that this is a common problem as we found via Microsoft Technet

So, the solution which we have tried and works seems to be running the SFC /scannow command from the command prompt as an administrator and when it completes to restart your computer


  1. In the “Ask me anything” box next to the start button type: CMD and press “Enter/Return” key
  2. Where the option “Command Prompt” appears right click on it and choose the option “Run as administrator”
  3. In the Command Prompt box type: SFC /scannow
  4. press “Enter/Return” key
  5. The scan will now run and it will take a while to complete
  6. Restart your computer


scannowAfter your computer has restarted open up outlook and you should now be able to send emails with no problem

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