Outreach from your website to your clients

21 Jun 2016

Your website is a major part of your digital marketing. It’s not only where people can find you, but also the base from where you can reach out to them.

As part of your website design you need to make sure your site works on all browsers and devices, from mobile phones to laptops, and also look at your menus to make sure that people can easily navigate around your site and find everything they need. If your therapy practice is local, rather than nationwide, then it will help to include a local phone number and a map, so people can find you easily.

One other thing you can do, which is important for keeping in regular touch with your clients and potential clients, is to have a newsletter sign up box on your site. Make it stand out against the background of your site and give people a good reason to sign up, like a free ebook or checklist that they can use.

Why have a newsletter? Well, it’s a priceless part of your outreach. When people sign up, you own that list of contacts and you can write to them and sell to them (in an authentic and ethical way, of course) over and over again. A potential client might visit your website, and even bookmark it but, if you don’t have a newsletter, they might leave your site and you’ll have no way of contacting them again.

Once you have all that set up, here are a couple of great ways to get your message out there:

1. Guest posting

Build relationships with similar businesses and sites where your ideal customer hangs out, then look at offering them guest posts on their site with your bio and a call to action at the bottom of the post. You’ll build back links to your site and reach wider audiences for your services.

2. Social media

Most businesses are on social media nowadays, and, yet again, it’s another great way to show your personality and speak to people you might not otherwise reach. Build relationships here, too, by sharing other people’s content, and also share your own content, your blog posts on your own site and your guest posts for other people.

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