A personalised website: the key to marketing your therapy business

29 Jul 2016

Therapy is all about the personal touch, whether that means a masseuse who listens to your needs or a counsellor who works through your problems with you. However, it’s all too tempting to pick one-size-fits-all web design when you’re promoting your business, and this is an easy mistake to make. Your therapeutic practice, with its individual approach, should be reflected in your web design, and here’s how.

Match the design to your customers

By going for a custom design, you can really tailor your website to your target audience, whether they’re sports clients looking for physiotherapy, or it’s a stressed patient seeking hypnotherapy. Use appropriate fonts, colours and images that would suit your audience – for example, life coaches can employ bold shades of colour and dynamic images or videos, whereas counsellors might want a softer colour palette and more sensitive or abstract pictures. Add alt-tags and appropriate titles to make your images Google-friendly. All these options are available in all our web design packages, and we can customise the site to your business specifically.

Use a blog to keep your site fresh

In terms of Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO), Google loves a blog, as it means new content is being added regularly. Make sure this content is unique, at least 300 words long, and relevant to your site’s goals, including keywords you think users would naturally type into a search engine. We offer blog functions within our websites as standard.

Explain your USP (Unique Selling Point)

Lastly, show why your therapy is different. Give price details, client testimonials and descriptions of who’d suit each item: for example, some readers might not know whether to get a hot stone massage or a deep tissue massage. Prove you know what you’re talking about and guide the potential customer so they feel understood. Of course, mention any special offers or concessionary rates too. Not everyone has a big budget, but complimentary therapy should be open to all.

With these tips in mind, you can see why a bespoke approach to your website design is important, from the visual presentation to the written content that builds confidence and trust in readers. Custom-make your site and you’ll find it’ll draw in the customers in no time at all!

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