The psychology of your web design colour scheme

28 Nov 2017
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As therapists, we’re sure you already know that colours can have a huge impact on the way that our brains work. There’s an undeniable link between emotion and colour, we’ve been documenting it for years, so it should be one of your top considerations when looking to have your website redesigned.

Web designers understand how to harness the power of colour theory to create the right frame of mind for your visitors, gently manipulating the user experience to your best advantage.

There are a number of colours that web designers recommend using for therapy web design, we’ll talk you through them so you have a better understanding of why they’re likely to suggest them in your site redesign.


This colour is most associated with cleanliness and simplicity, viewed as a calming colour but also one that suggests orderliness and professionalism, and often comes with medical undertones.

Web designers will often use white as a base colour as it creates the right tone for the website while allowing them to accent other colours on the page.


If white seems to be too sterile for a particular site, we’ll often opt for ivory instead. Ivory is known to be a comforting colour that creates a sense of warmth and a welcoming environment.


Lighter shades of blue can help to promote a sense of calm and safety, whereas darker blues create the impression of reliability. A combination of blues can be encouraging to visitors looking for a therapist.


The classic choice for promoting a sense of happiness, yellow is a positive colour that used sparingly can help to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Light purples such as lilac can have a very calming effect on the mind, relaxing your users and giving them the impression that they have breathing room to browse your website.

Of course, no one colour will make up the colour scheme of your website. Every site has a palette of colours, so you may even end up with a combination of all of the above used across your site through accents and detailing, though with a focus on one in particular. We especially like the various colour theme ideas from adobe colour, check it out:

The idea is to repeat particular colours across the website in order to subconsciously affect the mood of the user, allowing them to get the most out of your website and, ultimately, your service. Contact us today to see how our expert web design team could produce a website that maximises the offering of your therapy business.

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