Why social media alone is not enough

01 Nov 2016

The explosion of social media over the last decade has not just changed how online businesses communicate with the public, it has created an international directory of peer-reviewed therapist services for people to “like”, “share” or “follow”. Whilst there are many benefits for the industry to utilise social media platforms, more therapists are realising that an over-reliance on them can inhibit your online brand and are instead concentrating on building or revamping their own websites.

Your brand image

You will have put considerable time, effort and money into the branding of your therapy services. Your logo, typeface and colour scheme is what makes you individual and marks your territory yet social media platforms do little or nothing to promote this over their own. A generic white page filled with blocks of text does little to cement the online image you wish to create whereas a specially created website homepage can celebrate your brand, its identity and ethos as well as provide all the details you want clearly and instantly.

People still use search engines

When searching for information on a company, most people will search on a specific search engine rather than within a social media site or app. Whilst social media can and should be used for creating “buzz” and generating feedback, it will not instantly contain the information such as a full list of therapeutic services, products and prices that people are usually looking for.

Online booking, online orders

Your own bespoke website can also allow customers not just all the information they need to understand your service but also to make instant bookings for clinical appointments online with only a few clicks of the mouse. Prospective customers are far more likely to book an appointment through a well laid-out and simple website than through a confusing journey of online reviews and third-party advertisements. Make life as easy as you can for your prospective service users.

Building a website is easier now than ever

A decade ago, building a website was a pretty daunting task for most people. It could be very costly and could take weeks, so early social media platforms provided an important service in that respect. These days, however, a well laid-out, effective website that will grow your therapeutic business is within the cost and timescale of almost everyone.

Growing your therapy clinic in what can sometimes feel like a crowded market requires standing out from the crowd. A smart, sleek and efficient website is a great way to do that. For more information on how we can help with your website design, get in touch today.

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