How social media marketing can drive traffic to your website

27 Feb 2018
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If you are a therapist with your own business and website then one key point to think about is driving traffic to it. By taking steps to get more traffic to your therapy website, you will help more people see your services and trigger business growth in the long term. Within digital marketing, there are many great ways to do this of which one is social media marketing.

What is social media marketing?

In simple terms, it is using your company social media accounts to market your therapist business. By doing this effectively, you can use your social media presence to signpost people to your website thus helping more traffic to find its way there. Of course, more traffic means more people being aware of (and hopefully using) your services.

Add your website URL to all your social media

It may seem pretty obvious, but you would be surprised at how many businesses don’t do it. If you haven’t already, make sure your website address is clearly visible on all your company social media accounts. People will very often click on them while on your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook feed but not actually spend the time searching for it afterwards on a search engine.

Link to your website from social media content

A really great habit to get into is regularly linking to your website when posting social media content. It is not advised to do this 100% of the time as it could lead to overkill. Wait until you have a really killer piece of content to put up on your social media channels and include it then. The killer social media content will make people want to come to your linked website to find out more. It’s also a great place to advertise flash sales and discounts, particularly for new customers.

Connect with industry influencers

A major part of using social media to drive traffic is interacting with the right people on there. Get involved with the influencers in your sector – while they may not interact with you directly, the people who follow them may well like what they hear enough to check your website out. This will naturally lead to more people visiting than would have otherwise.

Be topical

You should make sure to capitalise on specific health and wellbeing awareness days and join in any conversations on news or research related to your particular line of therapy. By sharing engaging video content, infographics and facts you can not only promote the benefits of your service, it also shows you take a professional interest in your field to help position you as an influencer in your own right and boost your profile.

If you are a therapist that needs help building an amazing website to market via social media, contact us today! Our expert team are experienced in website design and will be happy to help.

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