Take the heavy lifting out of your chiropractic website

04 Aug 2016

As a medical professional, you may not be up on the latest in website design, SEO and digital marketing techniques, and that’s fine. We’re here to help build a site that’s perfect for your practice, one that will help highlight your services, promote you to the community and explain your business.

A professional site, optimised for search engines, will help win you clients. With many back pain sufferers and those with other musculoskeletal problems giving up on the NHS, who refuse to offer all but the most basic treatments in most cases, they naturally turn to the web to find a local service. We can build a site that offers online appointment booking, newsletters and even a store for health products, all using the popular WordPress service.

With a digital marketing campaign, you can help put your site at the top of local results pages, encouraging more clients to make contact and seek a consultation. We can also help with social media outreach, using social branding to make sure your Facebook and Twitter pages match your site. This will help you build up a business brand and have the growing percentage of your community with back problems seeking you out, ahead of the competition, which is increasingly fierce as more practitioners set up.

When your site is up and running, you will need to update it with fresh content, blog posts or social media posts that are relevant to your business. We’ve created many therapist sites and can make plenty of suggestions, but when it comes to the basics, focus on the most common complaints that you specialise in, to help add authority to your site. Discuss the issues that clients face, offer a range of practical advice they can use every day to help themselves, while always encouraging them to make contact if they are struggling.

You should also look to get involved in local news or events using your social media, being a part of any health campaigns or increasing awareness by commenting on issues that affect your business or the local community. Aiming to grow your online presence will help boost your business in these web-focused times, and keep your client list growing.

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