Taking therapy online: why offer digital sessions?

09 Jan 2018
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From mindfulness apps to online diagnosis tools, healthcare, both physical and mental, has undergone a second evolution in recent years, with technology taking over the world of health where before only in-person interactions would do. Therapy is no different – and if you haven’t taken your therapy business online yet, here are just a few compelling reasons why you should.

More flexbility

Digital therapy sessions not only offer more flexibility for yourself and your clients regarding time and location, but it also provides new and alternative ways to provide therapy services and advice. From online chat through to email support, you can match your therapy to both your client’s needs and their busy lives, making you more available to them in multiple comforting ways.

This flexibility not only offers you a better way to run your therapy business, it also allows your scope of treatment to be far broader, thanks to the need to meet face-to-face no longer being required.

Offer more services and forms of therapy

By taking your therapy online, not only do you open your business to greater flexibility and availability, but you also have the possibility of eCommerce to provide alternative forms of support. This automation can be invaluable for Therapists with busy books, ensuring that existing and new clients aren’t missing out on the support they require.

From eBooks to Audio Therapy, to booking multiple sessions through a booking widget, a website allows you to automate many of the services that would previously take up extra time in your day. It can even offer you a safe space to log each client’s documents and progress via a password-locked account system.

Client convenience

For potential new clients, being able to find you and all the information about what you can provide online can be valuable in helping them choose the right therapist for them. If you’re a specialist in anxiety or PTSD, you can advertise this and therefore gain more clients who you can be of help to in multiple ways.

Making yourself more flexible regarding what you can offer will make you much more approachable for potential clients who may struggle when it comes to anxiety or availability attending in-person sessions.

Looking to move your therapy business online? As experts in website design for therapy practitioners, we can help. Contact us today to find out how we can support your digital transition and cut down on many of the traditional barriers to access that patients experience.

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