Why your therapy business should be on Instagram

05 Dec 2017

Instagram is relatively new in the social media world. Despite this, it should form a part of an effective digital marketing strategy for any business; especially for those who work in the health and therapy industries. Regardless of the specific type of therapy your business offers, the 500 million active monthly users that Instagram has are crying out for you to reach them.

The website for your therapy business already has an effective set of images that tells the tale of your business and the therapies you offer. It already helps to increase your conversion rate and drive sales. Why not expand this and start using this content on Instagram too? Statistics show that a whopping 75% of users take action, such as visiting your website, after viewing an Instagram post. 75% is a huge amount considering this can be achieved on a platform that is free to use. Your potential clients are much more likely to remember content that they have seen on social media when it includes images. Instagram is the perfect platform for businesses that specialise in hypnotherapy, holistic therapy, yoga therapy and more, as it gives you the ideal space to share your photographs that will stick in your customers’ minds and keep them coming back to you.

Unlike the more traditional social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram thrives off their mobile app. As smartphone usage continues to grow, so will Instagram usage, as it is primarily a smartphone app.

As the vast majority of your social media audience will be working adults, the best times to reach them is whilst commuting. We’ve all seen the crowds of tired people piling onto buses and trains for their evening commute home whilst staring at their phone screens. As a therapy business, this is the perfect time to remind these people that there is something that can be done to help them feel better. Statistics have shown that the best time to post on Instagram is between 5 and 6pm whilst everyone is heading home for the day. Fortunately, if you’re heading home for the day too, there are plenty of online tools that can help you schedule Instagram posts.

Instagram provides a truly cost effective investment as part of a well thought out digital marketing plan. Using interesting images alongside well-written content will help your audience to remember your therapy business, and bring them running to you.

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