Therapy website design & hosting with inbuilt cyber attack resistance

25 Nov 2017
Hacker in mask stealing information in the office

If you are looking to have a website created for your therapy business, you need to make sure that the website design and hosting has the latest state-of-the-art cyber security built into it.

The latest WannaCry ransomware attack

You’ve no doubt heard about the latest cyber attack that brought down the NHS’s national computer network. It was a particularly nasty piece of what is being called “ransomware.” This insidious bit of malware was nicknamed “WannaCry.” Although most of the focus here in the UK was on the damage it wrought on the NHS computer network, it was a global attack, and it also crippled a wide variety of Chinese and Russian public and private institutions too.

Ensuring your website design is malware resistant

There will be many more cyber attacks in the coming months and years. They will increase both in number and in sophistication, so it is vital to ensure that you have a website design that is intrinsically designed to repel malware of any kind, or that makes it difficult for these nasty little programs to infect your website.

Downtime means lost business opportunities

If you are running, or you want to operate, a website for your therapy business, it’s important that any website downtime, is at worst, minimised, or at best, avoided altogether. When potential clients have made the decision to seek out a local therapist, they want to do it there and then. They don’t want to wait. If your website happens to be down when they are browsing, they will simply go elsewhere.

Website design specifically for the therapy industry

Complementary therapy is a very particular niche, so it makes sense that you should work with a website design company that specialises in designing, launching, and managing websites specifically for the therapy industry.

That website design specialist is us here at HealthHosts. As well as state of the art website design that incorporates multiple layers of cutting edge cyber security technology, you will end up with a website for your therapy business that has full SEO functionality to attract clients. It will be mobile friendly so that clients can find you “on-the-hoof,” and it will be continually managed to ensure optimum performance at all times. You will be there when clients need to find you.

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