Three digital marketing tips to increase your therapeutic website’s online presence

23 Aug 2016

So you’ve set up a website for your therapy business with an amazing blog (which you, of course, update regularly!) but you’re still struggling to see results from all of your hard work.

Don’t fret! These three key digital marketing tips are integral to boosting online presence for any therapeutic business, whether established for 10 years or brand new, so your customers can find you easily online and continue to flood in.

1. Optimise your website

Particularly if you’re a multi-faceted therapist, you’ll most likely have lots of images, content or authors on your website. It’s probably a good idea to start clearing that up with compressing image sizes, but any low quality content should be removed so prospective customers only see the best of what you have to offer.

Remember: your website should be fully functioning; you shouldn’t put anyone off with inaccurate content, slow loading times or a confusing customer journey. It’s also important to monitor your server and storage space, as full storage can cause slow speeds or even downtime. All these things are easily regulated and their implementation should lead you to focus on treatments, in place of computer screens. Luckily if your website is with healthhosts we take care of most of this for you, including automatically optimising images and making sure that every single page of your loads as fast as possible.

2. Attract backlinks

Lots of people write brilliant content that never gets seen. This is where outreach comes in! It’s really easy to just hope that an optimised piece of content will find its way to the top of Google, but it doesn’t work like that unless your DA (domain authority) is in the high 80s. Content is a vital part of any therapy business’ website, as customers are guaranteed to check out your pages for advice as you’re a trusted health source, making it even more vital to get posts seen.

Of course, you’ve got social media and word of mouth, but a method which is just as good, if not better, is outreach. All you need to do is collate a number of websites which have shared or linked to similar pieces of content and email them introducing yourself, explaining what you have written and kindly asking for a link. If enough authoritative websites start linking to your website, you’ll see results in time. Generally you’ll find they’ll be more than happy to oblige, but getting off on the right foot is important – and showing that you’re a reliable and outreach-savvy source will only help this.

3. Guest post on other websites

If you have impressive expertise in a certain field of therapy, whether life coaching, pilates or the Bowen technique, it might be time to start approaching other websites to guest blog for them. While you may not get paid, if you are only attracting those authoritative websites we discussed earlier, they will link back to your website in the author section. Again, this is a great way to boost prospective customer website views – and help create a support network from therapist to therapist, and from one area of expertise to another.

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