Three key elements that will attract clients via your website

05 Jan 2017

As a therapist, your primary goal is to put the customer at ease. If your business is counselling, you’ll understand that for customers, committing to any form of therapy is a daunting prospect, and it’s essential that anyone who decides to undertake counselling feels comfortable when taking that leap into the unknown.

We live in an increasingly digital world, and building a website that reflects your business in the best and most attractive light is essential. As we have already alluded to, putting prospective clients at ease is vital – and that means ensuring they are relaxed from their very first encounter with your company. Nowadays, it’s more than likely that interaction will happen via your website.

Prioritise colour

Picking the right colour scheme for your website is vital. Eyes are drawn to colour and, as we all know, different palettes have very different connotations. Red, for example, is associated with passion, anger and fire, while blue tends to represent water, calm and friendliness. Choose your website’s colours carefully, because the tint of your pages can often say just as much as copy, images and videos.

Have a smart layout

Simplicity is key. When someone visits a website, they want everything to be intuitive; they want to be able to navigate easily, and to find the information they need without effort or exertion. If people want to book a consultation, they need to be able to do that painlessly. If they want to find out about cost, that must be something they can find without hassle. If they need directions, make sure that information is available.

Be honest

Therapy is a means of getting things out in the open and being honest. For your website, you must harness the same mindset, and not be fearful of making things such as prices visible. The more direct and straightforward you make your website – and your business’s practices in general – the more alluring you will be to clients.

There are various steps to building a successful and charming website, and these are just three of the key aspects that must be considered. To find out more about building a counselling website that speaks to people in a way that reflects the message you want to present, contact us today.

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