Understand changing customer expectations

27 Sep 2016

Smart technology is influencing customers and changing what they expect from websites. Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, user experience has changed dramatically with consumers now expecting a more fluid, intuitive approach from their experience on the web. Therefore businesses now have to adapt to this changing expectation or be left behind by their competitors. Therefore what do therapists need to understand to ensure their business can thrive and continue to grow far into the future?

The changing landscape

With the rise of smart technology and the increased focus on user experience, customer expectations have changed dramatically over the last five years.

The public now want the large corporation experience from micro businesses, especially from their therapists. Therefore if a potential customer is looking for a product or service, their first judgement is based on the business’ website design.

If the website is badly designed, not mobile compatible, and simply doesn’t contain the information they require, the customer is likely to search for an alternative.

Don’t become stagnant

With the constant change in customer expectations, it is possible any therapist website will likely become stagnant, not evolving as the landscape changes. This could potentially have disastrous results for a therapist as a stagnant website will not be a fair reflection on the quality of the services on offer.

Therefore to avoid any reflection on the quality, a therapist must ensure their website has the functionality to move with the times, not requiring a complete rebuild every few years.

Utilising a flexible foundation, such as WordPress, can allow a website to evolve as customer demands evolve.

Seeking external advice is a must

To ensure therapists are always evolving their web design, they need to understand the requirements of their customers. Most therapists don’t have the necessary time to give this 100 percent focus and therefore should turn to third party web experts for help and guidance.

By seeking experienced external advice and understanding the advice above, therapists can ensure they stay ahead of customer demand and have the tools available to them to not only sustain, but build their business.

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