Should you be using social media to market your therapist business?

19 Apr 2017

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are some of the most popular and powerful websites on the Internet. They can drive huge volumes of traffic to a website, they can build authority for any professional, and they can be used to manage customer services and communication. In reality, it shouldn’t be a question of whether your practice uses social media, but how should they be using it? After all, it can be a huge time drain if not managed properly.

Using social media for your practice

The primary purpose of social media is to connect with people. Not only is this a vital part of a therapist’s role, but it is also essential in marketing your business. You don’t have to offer patients 24/7 access to you through Facebook, but you could provide helpful guides and tutorials, and other tips, that offer help without taking up your entire day. What’s more, you could have somebody research and create this content, brand it for your practice and your service, and then share it and promote the content.

Benefit by offering benefit

The more often people visit your social media accounts, the more they will associate you with the type of content that you provide. If you offer relationship counselling, then provide guides on how couples can improve their relationship. This type of content will get shared if it is high-quality and offers actionable content. What’s more, as your content gets shared and its tips used, you will begin to gain credibility because your readers will review the content and leave feedback for you. This offers further promotional benefit because your readers not only see your content as being high-quality, but they associate this same level of quality with your work and your services.

Become a thought leader in your area of practice

If you are going to take on social media yourself, set aside an amount of time every day or every week, and stick to this time. Ensure that you turn up when you say you will and become a thought leader – you will soon start to receive referrals from your social media accounts. You can even direct potential patients to your Facebook page to show how effective you are.

HealthHosts can help establish an effective online presence for your practice, including social media accounts as well as a business website. Contact us today for more information and advice.

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