Web design tips to enhance user experience

17 Mar 2017

In order for your visitors to gain the best user experience out of your website, designers and companies must work together to create a website which is engaging and allows visitors to browse your site with ease. When clients seek to find suitable therapists, the user experience of a website will contribute to getting an enquiry. Users will be nervous when making the step to undergo therapy, therefore the situation needs to be made as easy as possible for these individuals in a practical solution.

How can you make your website have a better user experience design?

1. Personalisation

When users come to your site, they may hope to feel as though the website has been created specifically to their needs. As therapists train in and therefore manage a number of phobias, fears or issues, rooting through a broad website with hundreds of topics may be daunting and overwhelming for the visitor. If there is ever the opportunity, try and personalise your website for the individual user by offering recommendations based on search history and other suggestions which may be of benefit.

2. Simplicity

With all websites, simplicity is the greatest aspect of user experience. Visitors shouldn’t have to click through pages and pages of links to find what they are looking for. This is especially relevant to those who wish to find suitable therapists. Simple animations may be a way of making your website more fun, but not too distracting. If you intend to use animations so visitors can get from one page to another swiftly, choose animations that have a purpose and strive to achieve better user experience.

3. Personality

Although therapy isn’t a fun shopping experience or a personal interest which is searched for via search engines, this doesn’t mean that your website has to be dull or clinical looking. A good design is down to branding, and all businesses should aim to develop their own brand regardless of their profession. This tactic will not only help your company get recognised but also allows your website to be visually appealing for visitors. A well-designed, personalised website boasts a sense of professionalism.

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