How your website can help you to grow your therapy business

A well-designed website can be one of your business’s most valuable tools when it comes to attracting new customers and developing your relationship with your current customers. It can help you raise the profile of your business helping you to grow awareness of your brand, and ultimately increase the revenue you generate.

When you are trying to grow a business in the therapy sector, you’ll want to ensure that your website design captures the essence of your company so that you’re attracting and retaining people aligned with your service. Below, we’ve listed out some of our top tips to ensure your website is helping you to grow your therapy business.

Attracting new customers

If your website is designed using considered usability techniques and updated regularly with clear, engaging content, you will want to ensure you’re attracting as many people to visit it as possible. Each part of your website needs to be fully optimised for search engine rankings so that your site appears as high as possible on the results page. New customers who are unaware of your brand won’t search for your practice or company name, so by using SEO and keyword techniques, you’ll be able to attract the relevant people, even if they are currently unaware of your offering.

Retaining customers

As important as attracting new customers is retaining customers. Dependant on the therapy you offer, you might not see or speak to customers that often, but your website can be used as a portal to keep in touch with them. By posting blogs and news articles, your customers will have a reason to stay in touch with developments in your business. You could also offer a subscription service to your blog, for customers to sign up to on your site so that they can receive regular email communication from you. And remember to link your site to your social media profiles, giving patients and customers more chance to connect with you in other ways.

Increasing your brand awareness

As you post content and position yourself as a voice within your specialist area of therapy, new opportunities will open up for you and your business. From speaking opportunities at events to collaborations, you will be amazed how far your website can take your business when it’s designed effectively.

If you’re looking to revamp or redesign your website and want to work with a web design partner who has expertise in the therapy sector, contact HealthHosts today on 01206 625440 or by completing our contact form

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