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01 Aug 2012

Now that you have your website admin area, and you have watched the video tutorials to administer your website by yourself, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips on how to make your website content look nice. Of course design depends sometimes about taste, therefore these tips are quite objective and are related with some principles in web design.

1. Planning your website content

You should plan ahead how you are going to display your pages. It is good if you do a rough sketch  first to see the pages you will have and its subpages, also think about internal links you will have on your website. You should think about what is what you want people to see first, and then how this information will lead them to more information.



2. Use nice images in your content

Yes! A picture is worth a thousand words. A page with a lot of text sometimes can seem a bit boring and could take people away from the page. To make your page eye catching it is a good idea to show an image related to the page, but make sure you place the image properly into the page. You can align the image to the left, to the right or to the center from the admin area, which saves you from having a huge blank space next to the image.



3.The colours you use are very important

Make sure you are not using too many colours inside your content, that usually looks horrible unless you really know what you are doing. Try to keep using the colours of your website template so everything is kept in harmony. Most probably you will have the colours of your template in the colour picker of your tools in your admin area. But if you can’t find the colours you can simply ask and we will let you know.

You should take into account that colours can have psychological affects on people. Also make sure there is a contrast between text and background; if your text is dark and your background is dark aswell, it will be very difficult for people to read it.



4. Be careful when combining typography

Don’t combine several different types of font inside the content of a page. If you don’t know much about design it is best just to use the fonts that are being used in your template. Also be careful with the size of font you are using. Larger font sizes can make text stand out, but be careful as you don’t want to scare people with a huge font bigger than the title of your page.

If you want to give emphasis to a phrase you can use italics, but make sure the text is not too long as italics makes the text not so readable if it is a long paragraph. If you want to give strength to text you can make it bold, but again make sure you don’t abuse this element.



5. Use tables for layout when necessary

Sometimes you may want to align some images together or some text together inside columns and rows and for this it is best to use tables. Don’t use spaces as you might find that your website displays differently in other browsers. There is an “insert a new table” button in your tools inside your admin area. Use this button to create a new table and insert the number of columns and rows that you will need.




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