Website design for therapists: key phrases and keywords

25 Sep 2018
Website design for therapists key phrases and keywords

Millions of people around the world use the internet to find goods and services every day. They utilise search engines like Google to research the products they would like to buy.

It’s safe to say that your clients are going through the same process when looking for a therapist. Therefore, you need to understand and use search marketing and SEO to increase exposure for your practice. You’ll also want to learn about keywords so that you can target a specific audience with your content.

Otherwise known as key phrases, keywords are words that web users enter into search engines to find specific ideas, products, or services. This article covers 3 categories of key phrases.

Informational keywords

Some searchers gather information for future use. They look for sites containing content that will address their informational needs.

As a website owner, you may want to provide information that people will look for when considering services in your niche. Use informational key phrases to drive traffic to your therapy-related blog.

Examples of these keywords include:

  • Do I need a therapist?
  • How to deal with occupational stress
  • PPD symptoms

Although you may not get clients from this type of search, targeting these keywords will enable you to boost your search engine rankings.

Navigational keywords

Sometimes users include the name or brand of whatever they’re searching for. They do so with the intention of locating a specific website.

If a prospective client, for example, is looking for your practice, they will type the name of your clinic into Google. Your practice’s name will appear on the result pages, allowing the user to click on a link that will direct them to your website.

Transactional keywords

These key phrases target those who search the internet with the intention of buying a particular product. These searchers use words that are specific to certain niches. When looking for therapy services, for example, they may make search engine queries such as:

  • Sports injury therapist Colchester
  • Therapist for PTSD in Brighton UK
  • London therapist near me

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