Personal Trainers Website Design

One of our specialities is building Personal Trainers websites, please browse from the live website examples below to see some recent website designs that we have completed. If you're an Personal Trainer looking to launch your Personal Trainers business online or want to improve your existing online presence we would love to hear from you.
Personal Trainer Web Design

We work with Personal Trainers to create stunning websites

How a website helps bring clients to your door

Today’s workers tend to be a sedentary lot thanks to the proliferation of office jobs, but they also want to lead healthy lives. They want to eat better and exercise for better bodies, and so they look to gyms and personal trainers for help.

The question is: how do they find you?

Instead of looking up the Yellow Pages or browsing through flyers, the average person today is likely to look up services close to them by running a Google search. With a strong web presence, it becomes much easier for your target audience to find you and to come to you, rather than the other way round.

What goes into a website?

A basic website should contain the following: what your brand does and how to contact you. But that’s just the bare bones, and other elements will increase your client’s trust and familiarity with you – factors that lead potential prospects to becoming your qualified clients.

Good websites include attractive design, ease of flow and navigation, contact forms, galleries… The list can go on, and it can be troublesome to learn everything from scratch. Yet in today’s digital world, a web presence is becoming non-negotiable in many fields.

Key things a great website does for you

  • Generate leads. To rank high on Google, many sites use SEO, or search engine optimisation. This allows your target audience to find you and your business easily.
  • Establish your brand/business. Customers tend to make purchases from brands they feel comfortable or familiar with. A strong web presence with a good brand story ensures that they see more of you – and feel more secure with you as a result.
  • Get busy people to slow down on your site. Good copy and graphics help to grab the interest of even the busiest people. When they’re interested, they’ll slow down to read what exactly it is you have to offer them, and what you have to say on the subject of personal training.
  • A website optimised across all devices makes sure that your clients find you, whether they’re searching with purpose on their desktop or idly browsing on their phone. Unoptimised websites can be a pain to read on the wrong device – and if your audience can’t read your site, they’ll simply click away to another.
  • Spur a call-to-action. A website with clear-cut design makes it easy for your clients to see how you can help them, and also how they can contact you easily for personal training.

Let your clients find you

Traditional marketing is fast being outstripped by digital marketing. People tend to share articles and sites across platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook or internet forums, and having a website to share makes it that much easier for others to find you.

If you’re interested in your very own digital space and shopfront, talk to us at HealthHosts today to understand how to build your digital presence and a lead-generating website for your personal training business.

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