What clients want from a therapy website

18 Oct 2018
What clients want from a therapy website

When developing a therapy website, there are a huge number of considerations to factor into the overall website design process, from the content to the images, to the colours, not to mention attempting to ensure the whole site is search engine optimised.

However, it can be very easy for website designers and managers to get too channelled by these processes, causing them to forget the most important part of website design – how the result will be reviewed by the end user. As such, our experts at Heath Hosts have created a short guide on what your clients want from a therapy website.

1. Comforting and validating content

Clients and patients coming to your website are likely to be doing so when they are at a low point in their lives. As such, it is vital that your content both comforts them and validates their feelings, telling them that it is OK for them to be feeling down, and suggesting ways that you can help them. As such, they will be more open to your suggestions, and more likely to follow any calls to action that you suggest.

2. Obvious calls to action

That brings us to our second point; your clients want easy and obvious calls to action. Not only should you make simple suggestions that are easily actionable for them, but you should also make the process of actioning these suggestions simple too. As such, ensure that all calls to action have hyperlinks incorporated into the text, and all the content is written in plain English.

3. Fees need to be available somewhere

No one wants to agree to undertake therapy without first knowing the costs, especially as there is the notion that therapists can charge extortionate prices. By ensuring that you openly post your charges (or a rough guide to pricing), your therapy clients will be more likely to book, as they know what they are signing up for. It also makes your business and brand look more open and honest, rather than appearing to hide things from your potential customers.

At Health Hosts, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality website designs for therapists, helping them to create amazing websites that their end users will love. For more information, please contact us today

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