Why adding a case study page could be the most cost-effective way to boost business

01 Jun 2018
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Having a brilliantly designed website to promote your therapy skills and sell your services can do wonders for your business. It can give you a brand image and dominance in the marketplace that you didn’t previously have.

But sometimes, it’s not all about talking the talk, you need to prove that you can walk the walk. Incorporating a Case Study page to your website design is the perfect way to do exactly that.

What it could include

Client testimonials: If you can get a quote from a happy customer about your therapy services, then new customers will find it easier to put their trust in you. Businesses without positive reviews and testimonials raise red flags in potential customers’ minds. Testimonials are the next best thing to word of mouth as people trust peer-to-peer reviews.

Specific situations: Again, if your client is happy for you to share their story, then you can go into detail about a specific problem that someone had, and how your therapy services were the solution. You never know, somebody who stumbles upon your website could have exactly the same problem, and they’ll come to you for the fix after reading a success story.

Images: People lose concentration very quickly. A case study page can be the best place to post galleries of your services without making people wade through masses of copy and information.

Links: Using specific stories to insert internal and external links will help with your SEO rankings. Not only that, if a reader sees a case study with exactly what they need and you have the links to the relevant services throughout, then they won’t have to go searching themselves.

Writing up a case study after having a happy client will cost you nothing but a short amount of time. And who can talk about your business better than you?! It is a real-life, cheap, and effective way to promote your services and increase traffic to your website.

Added bonus: search engines love fresh and regularly updated content. Having a case study page will push you up through the SEO rankings.

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