Why mobile design matters

12 Sep 2018
Mobile web design matters

A website for a therapy business that hasn’t been optimised for mobile can be a real headache! This headache for customers leads to a headache for you, as traffic and leads decrease due to mobile frustrations. If a potential client can’t view your website on their phone, they’re unlikely to visit again, even if they’ve switched over to their computer.

Think now about coming across a website that isn’t mobile-friendly, and didn’t fit just right on your phone screen. Zooming in and out, having to scroll up, down, and sideways just to read a paragraph, or coming across buttons that don’t work right. How likely are you to continue browsing that website, and what first impression do you have of that business?

Making sure you can be seen and heard

The shift to mobile platforms has led Google to switch its search engine rankings to what is called ‘Mobile First Indexing”, which means that if your website design is not optimised for mobile, you’re going to take a big hit in Google’s search rankings. This is crucial for search engine based leads. A vast majority of traffic these days comes from Google searches, and it’s vital that your website be perfectly optimised to be seen by as many potential clients as possible.

How can you be sure?

This is the easy part. Simply take out your phone, open the browser, and go to your website! If you’re not able to easily reach the most important part of your website, such as your contact page or your treatment page, you aren’t quite optimised for mobile. Don’t let your potential clients be scared away from your unfriendly website. Make sure that you have a site that’s optimised for mobile and can be easily viewed from any device.

Fortunately, HealthHosts know exactly what you need to make sure your website is built for all mobile devices. We create websites that are 100% mobile responsive and have been extensively tested on various devices and web browsers. To get started, contact us to find out how we can create a website that highlights the best parts of your business.

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