Why word of mouth still matters in the digital age

20 Mar 2018

In our high-tech society you might not think that word of mouth is important anymore, but when it comes to promoting a business with a personal service at its core such as therapy, it’s actually more important than ever.

Word of mouth promoting still happens

You see, promotion through word of mouth still happens; it’s just that in 2018 it tends to take a slightly different form to that which it took say, 50 years ago. After all, we’re still human beings, right? We still listen to other people and respond well when they tell us that they liked eating somewhere or that they felt amazing after a short course of acupuncture treatment at this great new place that’s opened up just round the corner.

We all still listen to recommendations; it’s just that now, more often than not, those recommendations take place through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and all the other social media currently in use. So the question is – how do you make sure that the right message is being spread? The answer is simple: you spread it yourself, by having a great website and using content marketing.

Building a great website

The great website is the easy part because if you have a strong website design you’ll never go far wrong. Think of it as a cross between a traditional shop window and a glossy brochure – it needs to show all the best qualities of your business and all your therapeutic services whilst at the same time making it easy for those potential customers just browsing the web to visualise themselves popping along or calling up.

Nail your content marketing

The content marketing part is a little trickier, but the good news is that it’s great fun. The term might sound intimidating but it’s really just a way of creating a buzz around what you do. It could be something as simple as tweeting about a great deal you have coming up on beginners’ yoga classes, or posting a few fun snaps on Instagram of the latest group spinning session with all those happy, sweaty (and relatable) faces!

Word of mouth still matters… it’s just that the language has changed a little.

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