Why your marketing is as important as your therapy

10 Jan 2021
Therapy Marketing

In today’s highly competitive world of online therapy, it can be hard to make your business stand out. There are so many companies out there offering all sorts of therapy. From mental wellbeing to life coaching, to spiritual healing gurus.

The list is endless. Genuine practitioners are being left behind. Gone are the days when your therapy license and a physical office were all you needed to succeed.

Over 70% of patients use the internet to find their next therapist nowadays. In a market this competitive, your branding skills need to be as good as your therapy skills.


The most important thing to remember is that you are a brand. You are the product you’re trying to sell. When you think of yourself as the product it’s easier to manage your branding. One of the first things consumers see online when searching for a product is a picture.

That picture is their first impression, consumers make their judgement in the first 3 seconds. How the product looks is the deciding factor in whether a customer will buy from you. It’s vital that you have a picture that reflects your brand image. A professional image that shows you in a positive light is vital.

A clear brand voice is also important. An about you page on your website that shows your values can help to establish this. Using the first-person voice to speak to your clients will build your brand voice.

Offer something for nothing

Everyone loves a freebie and good marketing plays on this. You’re more likely to have a client pick up the phone and call if you are offering a free consultation. Good quality free advice helps to build trusting relationships with potential clients.

Potential clients need to feel comfortable with their therapist, and you with them. The initial free consultation and advice help to establish if you will be good together.

You may decide your expertise isn’t a good match for some potential clients. In this case, referring potential clients to another therapist can only be positive.

Make your customer feel valued

You should never leave a customer waiting long for a response. Replying to customers within 24 hours shows a real interest in them and their needs.

Many potential clients may feel desperate and feel the need for immediate attention. By responding to clients in a timely fashion you validate that need.

You have to remember in this competitive market you cannot afford to keep clients waiting. Many patients will reach out to lots of therapists and are likely to choose a therapist who is responsive.

Your customer service and people skills reflect your professional values. People make referrals and will come back again and again if they trust you and believe in you. Quality customer service is central to marketing your therapy website.

Work out a marketing budget

This can feel daunting at first. The best way to tackle it is to work out how much money each client adds to your business. So for example how many sessions on average does a patient return to a therapist? Our research showed that patients are likely to visit a therapist on average between 10 and 15 times.

If you multiply the cost of each session by the average session then you’ll find your customer number. Create a marketing budget based around that number. How many clients do you want to attract? Investing in advertising upfront can save you money in the long run.

Website design

The design of your website is crucial to landing customers. The cost of a well designed and user friendly site should be input into your marketing budget.

Your photo and site are the very first impression your clients will have. Your website needs to look good if you have any hope of getting them to make the initial call.

Each step of the customer journey should be seamlessly guided by you. When they click on your website what will their user experience be? The site should be well written with clear calls to action. Large buttons that lead to contact pages or scheduling tools are a must.

Websites should not be busy. The writing should be empathetic in tone but not patronising. The services you offer should be clear at first glance and your buttons should be actionable.

Get the marketing right and it all falls into place

Getting marketing right is the key to success. No matter how good your skills may be, they aren’t any good if no one sees them.

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