Why your online presence is more important now than ever for your therapy business

16 Sep 2020
Your online presence is more important now than ever for your therapy business

This year has been a tricky one for businesses, with more companies than ever before being forced to shut their doors. If you have been putting off sorting out your marketing plan, therapy website or online presence, there is no better time than now to get it sorted and ensure your business is future-proof. Here are five reasons why it’s so important…

Internet usage is at an all-time high

With most of us spending the majority of our time at home this year, internet traffic is at an all-time high. Statistics have found internet usage has surged during the past few months (source: https://www.ofcom.org.uk/about-ofcom/latest/media/media-releases/2020/uk-internet-use-surges) and with a large number of businesses not making their employees head back to work any time soon, this isn’t looking to lessen. With fewer people commuting and many regular pastimes running at limited capacity, we are spending more hours sat browsing the internet for what we might need and looking at companies more closely than ever before. Therefore, you will need a stellar online presence for your therapy business to appear in searches and help utilise the new influx of traffic online.

Mental health is more important now than ever

This year has been a strenuous one and more people than ever have found themselves struggling with their mental health. While previously they could have gone to see a therapist, they’ve had to suffer through with little help and will be now looking to sort this. If you’ve adapted your services to include phone or video appointments, you need to let people know. Having a good internet presence proves you’re available and ready to help.

To stay up to date with your clients

While your clients might not be able to see you in person, your online presence can provide reassurance. It also makes it easier for current clients to recommend you to others. With a great website and social media presence, they have plenty of places to refer their friends or family to. It also means you can give your clients easy, regular updates regarding opening hours or any other changes should they need to know them. Another good example of this is your social media channels – by posting regularly and replying to people’s questions or queries, you are showing your clients you still care about them, which will encourage them to get in touch with you if needed.

In case of another lockdown, you need to be ready

While we’re all hoping there won’t be another lockdown, if there is, you need to be ready. Many businesses weren’t prepared at the start of the year for a transition to the digital world, but this time you need to be hot on the ball. There is no longer an excuse to be left behind – you need to be ready and waiting should the worst happen, to support your clients and ensure they know you are still there for them and available with any information they might need. If your website is in serious need of an update, don’t delay.

To increase and sustain your credibility

Your website is your most important tool, particularly when people can’t come and see you in person. This is the face of your business and is what will keep existing clients as well as entice new ones. It is essentially your shop front and will convince people to get in touch with you. If you have an outdated website, people will wonder if this is a reflection on your practice and may be less inclined to enquire. If your site isn’t optimised for SEO, you will have a hard job being found and your legitimacy might be questioned. It’s vital to stay on top of all the ways you could get found and present the best image of yourself that you can.

These are five of the main reasons why your online presence is more important now than ever. Don’t put off updating your website, improving your SEO, or creating a marketing plan – get your business in the best possible stead as soon as possible.

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