You have 30 seconds…GO!

13 Dec 2016

First time visitors to your website, on average, stay no longer than 30 seconds. If they click through from your home page and browse for two minutes or more, you’re doing well.

So it’s clearly crucial that your potential clients see what they want, and need instantly. Choosing a therapist is a deeply personal decision. Your visitors need to see your speciality up front, but they also need to make that intimate connection that will draw them in. They need to feel you are speaking directly to them.

When thinking about your website design, you need to consider factors such as SEO, including videos, listing all the conditions you can treat and making it readable on mobiles. There is a lot to think about! But central to it all is a clear and reassuring window into what you offer, from the second that visitors land on one your pages. This means your website doesn’t have to be clever or impressive, instead it needs to show who you are and what you do in a warm and reassuring way.

It certainly means keeping content and layout as simple as possible, making it easy to scan in the blink of an eye. Choosing a therapist may well involve a higher degree of anxiety and distress than other buying choices. The more options and information you provide, the more chance of causing confusion. It’s recommended that you lead on the benefits you offer, the positive results you can achieve, and leave the more detailed explanations until later.

As the attention span of your potential clients is fleeting and their emotions may be heightened, having your contact details prominently on every page is vital. The colours you choose can help too. Colours are used in therapy and have physical, mental, emotional or spiritual impact. So it’s surprising how many people choose website themes and colours because “they look really smart and modern” and forget to consider the psychological affect.

Website design these days is an advanced and exciting field. But it’s important to never lose sight of the fact it’s core aim is to instantly affect a reader’s mind and emotions.

You have 30 seconds…GO.

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